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Global Debt Securities Servicing Guide:
Ireland, Leading World Player in Structured Finance

A Special Report produced by Finance Dublin promoting the Debt Securities industry in Ireland, and the attractions of the jurisdiction

Publication: September 2013


Ireland is host to a world class cluster of global expertise in debt issuance services, based on its two decades-long history in securities services, and boosted, for example by recent commitments of new resources by market players to the delivery of Ireland-based services.

The Report focuses on the Infrastructure that makes Ireland a global centre of importance in both debt issuance, asset management and securitisation of assets, backed as it is by a robust legal and regulatory foundation that is supplemented by world class professional expertise in debt servicing capabilities.

Outline Report Contents:

“Ireland, Leading World Player in Structured Finance” - Advertising Profile for “Ireland Inc”, produced by Finance Dublin outlining why Ireland is host to 21 per cent of FCVs in the European Union

1. Commentary by Key Players, on current topics, including:

- Why Ireland is the leading world player it is in structured finance - a comparative evaluation;
- The attractions of the Section 110 framework;
- Moves since the credit crisis to improve securitisation issues globally;
- Regulatory Overview impacts in regards to debt securities issuance of major developments in banking (Basel III), insurance (Solvency II), investment funds (MIFID) and global accounting standards;
- New Options/Instruments e.g. in areas such as short and medium term credit; EETCs, CAT bonds.
- The Government View

2. The Infrastructure for Debt Securities Issuance

- Section 110 Structures;
- Basic tools, involving SPCs, SPVs/FVCs;
Some examples of products developed using Irish domiciliary and listing structures: Asset-backed securities (ABS), Catastrophe (CAT) bonds, Collateralised debt obligations (CDOs), Collateralised loan obligations (CLOs), Commercial mortgage backed securitisations (CMBS), Asset backed commercial paper (ABCP), Distressed debt, loan participation notes (LPN), Medium-term notes (MTN), Residential mortgage backed securitisations (RMBS), US Life Settlements, repackaging.
- The New Irish EETC Legislation;
- Legal & Accounting Expertise available in and to the Irish market;
- The Irish Stock Exchange - One of Europe's leading exchanges for the listing of ABS and debt securities, with over 20,000 debt tranches at the end of 2012.

3. Debt Securities Deals of 2012-2013

Highlighting recent 'headline' issuances;
Including a timeline of developments appearing in Finance Dublin's monthly Irish Funds & Debt & Securities Monitor over the past two years, and securities and debt issuance deals published in the Finance Dublin annual "Deals of the Year" Awards surveys, such as new insurance securitisations, deals in aviation SPVs, recent listings such as by Microsoft in Dublin this year, and recently, for example, the IAG-British Airways EETC listed on the Irish Stock Exchange.

4. Profiles of Players (See Below)

Corporate Advertising Features and Profiles

The Guide delivers a reference publication to clients of the services available as well as new options that have been recently developed, and are in the process of being produced. All of Fintel's Reports are content driven, and our advertising options are designed to maximise this. The Report offered two approaches: Display Advertising and Corporate Advertising, with two options, enabling clients to 'mix or match' between the two.
The corporate advertising options consist of article(s) that are either (i) a Display Advertisement for products, or an overall corporate approach, or your product range; or (ii) a Corporate Advertising Article or Feature on a topic that markets your business/product line.
The below links provide examples of different variants of the above that we have published in the past year for some of our customers:

BT (Corporate Advertising Feature) In PDF: here.
TMF (Corporate Advertising Feature) In Publication: here and PDF: here.
Capita (Corporate Advertising Feature) In Publication: here and PDF: here.
Bank of Ireland (Corporate Advertising Feature) In Publication: here, and PDF: here.
Danske Bank (Corporate & Product Advertising Profile) In Publication: here; and PDF: here
Northern Trust (Corporate Advertising Profile) PDF:here
Mediolanum (Corporate Advertising Profile) PDF: here.
State Street Global Advisers (Corporate Advertising Feature) PDF: here
Citi (Corporate Advertising Feature) PDF: here and here

For access to this Report or details of other Reports planned before end 2013 and into 2014, please contact Martina Bermingham.

Thank you

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