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October: Investment Funds Services & Distribution in Europe: Special Report - Ireland Back

This Finance Dublin Special Report, will profile the assets and achievements of the Ireland's investment funds industry, in context as one of the fundamental platforms of Europe's global funds industry.

The Report will feature a survey of global fund promoters with EU investment fund platforms on the evolution of AIMFD implementation.

It will update the target market of the Irish funds industry fund promoters in the US, UK, and in emerging markets, such as the key investment hubs in Asia, on current developments in Ireland's funds industry of relevance to their decisonmaking on using the various resources on offer from the hub in servicing international funds.

It will feature the ability of Irish operating funds companies to deliver Irish jurisdiction-friendly services into their global service offering, and it will portray the strength in depth of each individual funds firm operating in Ireland.

Advertising in this Report
The advertising possibilities are outlined below. The Report will be published in October.

The Report offers two approaches: Display Advertising and Corporate Advertising, with two options, enabling advertisers to 'mix or match' between the two.

The corporate advertising options consists of article(s) that are either (i) a Display Advertisement for products, or an overall corporate approach, or your product range; or (ii) a Corporate Advertising Article or Feature on a topic that markets your business/product line. The following links provide examples of different variants of the above that we have published in the past year for some of our customers:

BT (Corporate Advertising Feature) In PDF: here.

Bank of Ireland (Corporate Advertising Feature) In Publication: here, and PDF: here.

Capita (Corporate Advertising Feature) In Publication: here and PDF: here.

Citi (Corporate Advertising Feature) PDF: here.

Danske Bank (Corporate & Product Advertising Profile) In Publication: here; and PDF: here.

Mediolanum (Corporate Advertising Profile) PDF: here.

Northern Trust (Corporate Advertising Profile) PDF: here.

State Street Global Advisers (Corporate Advertising Feature) PDF: here.

TMF (Corporate Advertising Feature) In Publication: here and PDF: here.

Click on these links to see examples of our two most recently published Special Reports (in July, on "Ireland as an Aviation Finance Hub" and this month, "Corporate Banking Ireland 2013" (both of which appeared in print and online).

On confirmation that you would like to book one of these types of articles we will be delighted to consult with you regarding an optimal editorial approach, including suggestions as to presentation and actual content.

Also see Finance Dublin's "Investment Funds Ireland" Report of 2012, a forerunner of this year's publication, please click HERE.
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