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Over one in 50 a millionaire in Dublin Back
Dublin is shown to have the thirteenth highest percentage of millionaire residents in the world at 2.4% in a first-of-kind survey ranking cities by percentage of millionaires by a high net worth database research company, Wealthinsight Ltd, which says: "a thriving financial services sector, low tax rates and a pleasant lifestyle are all factors likely to attract millionaires to a city, and Dublin can offer all of these."
A press release from the firm, dated 23rd July said that Monaco comes out top for millionaire density, with almost a third of its 37,000 population classed as millionaires. Zurich and Geneva are second and third by percentage of millionaires, followed by New York and Frankfurt.

SPEAR’s magazine, a HNW research magazine, in conjunction with London headquartered HNW wealth consultancy company WealthInsight says in a press release: "the cities with the highest percentage of millionaires have been revealed for the first time ever".

"In Dublin, over one in every fifty residents are millionaires or richer (2.4% or 26,600 individuals), putting the fair capital ahead of affluent global cities such as Paris, Venice, Toronto, Houston and San Francisco in terms of millionaire density. Dublin is thirteenth on the overall global list, with the ninth highest percentage of millionaires of any European city", it says.

"The research also shows that in Monaco you are only ever a stone’s throw from a millionaire - with almost a third of the population classed in this financial bracket. Not too far behind are Swiss banking centres Zurich and Geneva in second and third place. Key financial centres New York and Frankfurt come in forth and fifth.

Richard Cree, Editor-in-Chief of leading business and finance publication economia, said: "It's clear from this list that for all the controversy surrounding Dublin's International Financial Services Centre, it has attracted some of the biggest names in global finance to the city and this perhaps explains why Dublin ranks where it does on the index of millionaire cities.

“A thriving financial services sector, low tax rates and a pleasant lifestyle are all factors likely to attract millionaires to a city and Dublin can offer all of these. The city has suffered a dip along with the rest of the country since 2008 and it has to be hoped that some of this wealth can filter through to help grow and build a stronger, more resilient economy," he adds.

WealthInsight Analyst, Oliver Williams, said: “It’s unsurprising to see that Monaco is the most likely place where you will bump into a millionaire; the principalities’ low tax and Mediterranean waterfront is the ideal habitat for wealthy individuals.”

“Dublin, though about thirty times the size of Monaco, is a relatively small capital city, giving it a high density of millionaires. Small cities with a strong financial focus are very attractive surroundings for wealthy individuals. For Dublin itself, an abundance of millionaires could help the city claw back its financial prowess from 2008’s collapse.”

The cities rounding out the Top 10 are Oslo, Singapore, Amsterdam and Florence. To view the full Top 20 list of cities with the highest percentage of millionaires, go to www.spearswms.com

About the survey:
WealthInsight maintains a proprietary database of over 100,000 HNWIs globally. With the database as the foundation for research and analysis, WealthInsight has been able to obtain an unsurpassed level of granularity on where HNWIs live.

“Millionaires” otherwise known as “high net worth individuals” or “HNWIs” refer to individuals with net assets of US$1 million or more excluding their primary residences.

About WealthInsight & SPEARS
WealthInsight is a source of news and insight into the wealth sector. Working in over 200 countries, with teams of researchers and in 15 offices worldwide, it is headquartered in London. See: www.wealthinsight.com and www.spearswms.com
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